How Much to Feed a Chihuahua Puppy – a Complete Guide

What do you feed a chihuahua puppy? A question that many new chihuahua owners have. The answer, of course, depends on the age and size of your puppy.

This guide will outline the amount of food to give your chihuahua puppy at each stage of their life. We will also discuss some common feeding mistakes that people make and how to avoid them.

So, whether you are just starting out with a chihuahua puppy or you have been raising them for years, this guide will be helpful!

Feeding schedule for chihuahua puppies

A chihuahua puppy should be fed four to six times a day until they are about four months old. Once they reach four months, you can begin feeding them three to five times a day.

  • 2 – 4 months old: (4 to 6 meals daily)
  • 4 – 6 months old: (3 to 5 meals daily)
  • 6 – 8 months old: (3 to 4 meals daily)
  • 8 months old – adult: (2 to 3 meals daily)

Feeding your chihuahua puppy at the same time each day will help them to develop a regular routine and help make potty training a breeze. Get into the habit of letting your pup into the yard around 20 minutes after a feed to do potty duties!

So if you are feeding your puppy five times a day, your schedule could look like this:

  1. 7 AM first feed
  2. 10 AM Second feed
  3. 1 PM Third feed
  4. 4 PM Fourth feed
  5. 7 PM Fifth feed

Feeding your chihuahua at the same time each day will also help you to notice if they are not feeling well.

For example, if they skip a meal, it may mean that they are not feeling well.

Types of food to feed chihuahua puppies

Chihuahuas are small dogs, meaning that they have small stomachs, so they need to be fed in smaller portions more often throughout the day.

Feeding your chihuahua high-quality food is essential because inadequate nutrition can lead to health problems and shorter lifespans.

When your chihuahua is a puppy, you will want to feed them food specifically designed for puppies. Puppy food typically contains more protein and fat than adult dog food, which helps puppies grow and develop.

A good chihuahua puppy food should be over 20% protein.

How much to feed a chihuahua puppy?

Feeding a chihuahua puppy is not that tough if you know your dog’s weight. You do not want to overfeed them or underfeed them either! Feed your pup according to their age and weight.

Most good quality puppy foods come with a feeding guide, and it is just that! a guide, but it does give you a good starting point!

Remember, all dogs, puppies especially, are greedy and will always eat more than their fill!

Feeding guidelines are suggested by the weight of your dog and its age and are based over a 24h period.

Let’s say your dog falls into the 2 – 4 months old: (4 to 6 meals daily) category, meaning you should feed around four times a day.

So if you had to feed your dog 100g of kibble in a 24h period, you would divide the 100g by four so you can feed four times a day at 25g each (i used 100g for easy math!)

You could choose to split it further to say five portions of 20g if you wanted to.

It’s that simple, weigh your pup, check your preferred food for the amount to feed for the age, then divide it up by the number of times per day they should be fed(see guide further up the page).

It is also important to notice changes in your dog’s physical appearance.

If you have an active pup, they may need a little more food than one that spends his days napping! Likewise, if you notice your puppy getting a little chubby, it may be time to cut back a little!

Introducing new foods to your puppie

When you get your puppy home, you may be tempted to run out to the store and buy them lots of new foods and treats, but hold your horses!

Puppies often have sensitive stomachs, and a change of food can be enough to upset their stomach if you can. 

Ask your breeder what food the puppy is eating at the minute, and try to get some of that.

Most good breeders will supply you with a bag of food when you pick up your puppy.

Changing over from one brand of food to another should be done gradually for best results, slowly mix in a little of the new food with the old food over about a week until they are fully onto the new food.

What not to feed a chihuahua puppy

There are many things that should NOT be fed to your chihuahua. They should not eat human food, even if it is “just a little” Feeding human food can make your pup overweight or cause other health problems.

Human foods also often contain a lot of salt that, in large amounts, are not good for us or our pups!

What foods should my chihuahua puppy Avoid?

While your dog has an excellent appetite, they do not know how to choose the right foods. While there are several delicious meals your pup may want to get their paws on, numerous human items are harmful to their development. be sure these items are out of reach:

  •    Chocolate
  •    The onion family (including garlic and chives)
  •    Macadamia nuts
  •    Avocado
  •    Alcohol
  •    Cooked bones (raw ones are okay)
  •    Grapes and raisins
  •    Mushrooms
  •    Rhubarb

Treats and snacks for your puppie

When it comes to treats and snacks, there are many options out there. But not all treats are created equal, and some treats can be unhealthy for your puppy and may even lead to obesity. So, it is crucial to choose wisely.

Extras like snacks should never account for more than 10% of the puppy’s daily calorie intake; go easy!

Some good options for treats include:

  • – Low-fat cheese
  • – Dog biscuits
  • – Canned food
  • – Chicken
  • – Raw Carrot (my three dogs love it)
  • – Liver
  • – Yogurt (make sure it is plain yogurt and not vanilla flavored)

Many chihuahua owners make the mistake of giving their puppy human snacks like – Popcorn – Nuts – Chips – etc. These items are bad for your dog because they can lead to serious health problems.

One of dog owners’ biggest mistakes when feeding their dogs is giving too many treats. 

Overfeeding your dog can lead to obesity, which can cause a bunch of health problems in chihuahuas.

Are there any treats to avoid?

I tend to stay away from any of the rawhide chew-type treats as when swallowed, and they can swell and even become stuck in the stomach.

Other Chihuahua puppy feeding tips

  • Feeding your dog just before or after a workout is a bad idea since this will almost certainly cause the puppy to experience painful cramps and leave you likely cleaning up puppy sick!
  • Most dogs go potty about 15-30 minutes after eating, so try to get your puppy out to pee within this time frame (take note of the previous point, no lots of running and play, just let them into your yard). Of course, give them a lot of praise when they do the deed!
  • Feed your puppy in an easily cleansable location—a new puppy won’t yet have mastered the art of clean eating, so put their food dishes in areas where you can wipe up any spills.
  • If your puppy is having trouble chewing their kibble, add some warm water to help it soften (allow to cool before feeding).
  • It’s a good idea to keep your puppy hydrated while they’re eating. Check the water levels in the bowls at regular intervals each day. If you give your dog dry food, make sure they have enough clean, fresh water available to them as they will drink more.
  • Use a measuring cup or scales to ensure that you are feeding the correct amount of food for your pup.


Chihuahuas are a feisty and playful breed, so it’s important to establish a routine early on. Feeding your chihuahua puppy at the same time each day will help them to develop a regular routine. A good chihuahua puppy food should be over 20% protein, with a moderate fat content.

Avoid giving your chihuahua puppy too many treats, as this can lead to obesity and health problems. When choosing treats, opt for low-fat items like cheese or dog biscuits.

If you have any questions about feeding your chihuahua puppy, feel free to contact your veterinarian. They will help you develop a diet that is best suited for your pup’s individual needs.

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